Cisco Catalyst 6509-V-E

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The 9-slot Cisco Catalyst 6509 Enhanced Vertical Switch (6509-V-E) provides capabilities to support system bandwidth capacity (80 Gbps per slot) up to 1440 Gbps and enhanced cable management capabilities. It also provides front-to-back airflow that is optimized for hot and cold aisle designs in colocated data center and service provider deployments and is compliant with Network Equipment Building Standards (NEBS) deployments.

  • All Supervisor Engines 720 and 32
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet modules
  • Gigabit Ethernet modules

In addition to providing maximum uptime with redundancy and rapid (1- to 3-second) stateful failover across supervisor engines, the Cisco Catalyst 6509-V-E supports modular Cisco IOS Software. This helps minimize unplanned downtime through self-healing processes and simplifies software changes through subsystem in-service software upgrades.