DataDirect Networks (DDN) SFA10000


DataDirect Networks (DDN) SFA 10000 provides superior performance for both highly transactional and high-bandwidth applications, delivering bandwidth of up to 10GB/s for both Reads and Writes, as well as up to 1,000,000 random IOPS to cache and 300,000 random IOPS to disk. With over 48GB/s of internal system bandwidth, the SFA10000 can perform multiple levels of parity generation, drive correction and data integrity verification without detracting from an application's performance.


  • Massively Multi-Threaded Storage Processing for today's multi-core, multi-application world
  • Balanced Storage Performance for both highly transactional and high-bandwidth applications
  • Supporting up to 1,200 disk drives in a single storage system for simple, cost-effective scalability
  • Add as few as 5 disk drives at a time for flexible scalability
  • 16GB of fast, battery-backed cache accelerates heavy read and write operations
  • With over 1PB in a single rack, SFA10000 delivers unrivaled storage density
  • SFA10000s data-aware storage engine is designed to intelligently parallelize large data sets for superior performance bandwidth
  • Reducing energy consumption by over 50% by eliminating unnecessary storage enclosures, fans and power Ability to mix SAS, SATA and SSD disk technologies in the same enclosures provides a scalable, flexible platform for Tiered Storage


  • Up to 10GB/s Host Throughput (Read and Write)
  • Up to 1,000,000 Random IOPS (Cache)
  • Up to 300,000 Random IOPS (Disk)
  • 16GB High-Speed, Battery-backed Cache
  • 16x 8Gb FC Host Ports (Option)
  • 8x 40Gb Infiniband Host Ports (Option)
  • RAID levels 1, 5 and 6 offer flexibility

Designed for multiple classes of data and storage performance requirements, the SFA 10000 multi-RAID architecture combines up to 1,200 SATA, SAS and SSD disks into a simply managed, multi-petabyte architecture. Data resides on the optimal disk technology according to priority and access pattern, while leveraging a choice of RAID levels for maximum performance and cost-effectiveness.

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DataDirect Networks (DDN) SFA10000

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