Force10 Z9000 Plug-n-Play Core for Next Generation Data Center


Z9000 is a compact next generation switch/router product designed to meet the requirements for high density 10/40 GbE aggregation in a Data Center core network. Z9000 product is designed to address data center 10/40 GbE aggregation requirements through Centralized Core or Distributed Core architectures for High Performance Enterprise Data Centers, High Performance Computing Cores, Cloud Computing Cores, Provider Hosted Data Centers and Enterprise LAN Cores. Z9000 product can be positioned as a Core switch or End of Row switch within a Data Center. 

  • 2-RU high-density 10/40 GbE Aggregation/Core Switch with 32 x 40 GbE ports expandable to 128 10 GbE ports using QSFP+ breakout cables
  • 2.5 Tbps (full-duplex) non-blocking, fabric delivers line-rate performance under full load
  • Scalable L2 and L3 Ethernet switching with QoS and a full complement of standards-based IPv4 for unicast and multicast applications
  • CLOS based architecture enables you to build a line-rate, non-blocking core for 2000 10 GbE servers
  • Combined with S4810 in the access layer with 3:1 oversubscription, a distributed core can provide connectivity to 6000 10 GbE servers
  • Control Plane Policing (CoPP) for policing control plane traffic providing protection to CPU from DOS attacks
  • Open Automation Framework adds VM-awareness as well as automated configuration and provisioning capabilities to simplify the management of virtual network environments

A distributed core design with Z9000 switches can enable build out of massively scalable, high performance data center networks with 10/40 GbE ToR, 10/40 GbE End of Row and 40 G Core network connections. A distributed control plane in a CLOS based leaf-spine architecture can be leveraged to build highly scalable data center switching fabric. 

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Force10 Z9000 Plug-n-Play Core for Next Generation Data Center

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Force10 Z9000 Plug-n-Play Core for Next Generation Data Center

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